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Loyality Points Plug-in
Hi my name is Maykel and i'm Brazillian, i would like to see a plugin to manage LOYALITY POINTS for every client which book at the hotel website, to create this kind of plugin i think wubook need to implement a data center to manage the clients information like names, emails and adress, which is not cheap and would not be free of charge, something like a montly payment will be cool to whom want to use the plugin. A page where the client could login and see how much points earned is a much to win the clients eye! like many fly company's do with theyr clients, it's not a revolution but is the best tool a channel manager could give (no free of charge) to theyr clients. That's a idea, not new but i think with hard work can be done in month's. Have a nice day!

ps:. sry my bad english.
Maykel Martins
Gerente Proprietário do Residencial Castor Apart Hotel
e-mail: reservas@residencialcastor.com.br
(84) 99691.8277 ou (84) 2030.0823

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